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COVID-19: Perlu Jalani Proses Kuarantin, Sharifah Amani Luah Rasa Sedih

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Pada 24 Mac 2020, genap 7 hari Malaysia melaksanakan Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan dengan menetapkan beberapa garis panduan termasuk sekatan menyeluruh semua perjalanan rakyat Malaysia ke luar negara selain kemasukan semua pelancong dan pelawat asing ke dalam negara.

Menurut Perdana Menteri Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, mereka yang baharu pulang dari luar negara, perlu menjalani pemeriksaan kesihatan dan melakukan kuarantin secara sukarela.


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Heartbreak 💔 Remuk hati, jiwa dan dada. Ya Allah aku rindu. 😭 My sister @sharifahaleya came to deliver me some groceries tadi. When I got her text that she was on the way I flew down my stairs. I was going to get my Kakak’s hug. It always lifted me and made me stronger her hugs. Then I reached my ground floor and realised that we can’t hug. SOCIAL DISTANCING. Plus I’m only on my 7th day of SELF QUARANTINE because I was traveling. I was in Jakarta for 2 weeks and now I’m in self quarantine for another 2 weeks. SubhanAllah I miss my family so much. A hug, a kiss from my parents or sisters will make all this hurt go away. But we can’t touch or be near each other. What I felt must be what our front liners feel hari hari. I couldn’t stop thinking about them, their family, their hurt and their longing for their loved ones. May Allah grant them peace, health and strength throughout this difficult time. Semoga dipermudahkan segalanya. InsyaAllah. Please everyone we can get over this together. #DudukRumah so that the virus won’t have a host to do its horrible work. The less of us out there the faster the virus will subside God willing. They go to work for us, we #StayAtHome for them. Let’s laksanakan our tanggungjawab together as a nation. Because deep deep down we are all really in love with each other and only want the best for us all. #KitaKuat Malaysia! We can do this!! #MalaysiaBoleh 💪❤️🇲🇾 I love you my #AwangPutihClan and my #SharifahSisters with all my heart. #SikitLagi InsyaAllah. Be safe my loves. See you on the outside soon! ❤️

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